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Introducing: Our Monthly Subscription Box!

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new way to experience the best of our shop with Our new Butcher’s Club!


Once a month, members will receive a rotating selection of hand-cut meats, local spices & seasonings, suggest recipes, members-only surprises, & everything you need to prepare a variety of amazing proteins at home! 


Memberships are limited.

Join today to reserve your spot for August's box!

Browse Our Products!

In an era of supermarkets and big box stores Strip District Meats is like a breath of fresh air.  Our Full Service retail experience offers customers a chance to connect, communicate, and learn in a way that would have been common in decades past but is sadly difficult to find in this day and age.  We strive to offer a level of service and interaction that is not only the best in it's class but also in a class all it's own.

Strip District Meats has not only survived the near extinction of local mom-and-pop butcher shops, but has continued to innovate and flourish for 70 years.

Come on down to The Strip and find out what makes this business so special and why we take such pride in our products.

We Can't Wait to Meat You.

Store Hours

Mon-Friday                               8am-5pm

Saturday                                   8am-5pm

Sunday                                     9am-3pm


2121-2123 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222


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